Martin Ibarra, LMT


I offer a wide range of massage therapy services that are tailored to meet each individual's unique needs. With over 19 years of hands on experience and a combined total of over 2,000 hours of instruction, let me ease away all you stress and finally be pain free. 

I offer the following services: 

Muscle Energy Technique

 - Muscle energy is a way to normalize joint motion such as shoulders, hips, sacrum, spinal segments (vertebra) and so on, using precise positioning of your body by your therapist and your own muscles movement in a specific direction. Effecting change in muscle or tissue to restore motion. It is gentle and non-invasive to the body. (Often, significant improvements in balance, structure and diminished aches and pains are seen even after just one treatment). 

Neuromuscular Therapy  

- is a system of treating soft tissues of the body to correct the causes of pain whether from nerve compression and entrapment, trigger points (refer to other parts of the body), ischemia (lack of blood), postural problems and biomechanics (the way we walk).


Swedish Massage
- A classic massage that relieves muscular tension, stimulating circulation and inducing deep relaxation.

 Deep Tissue Massage
 - Firm pressure is used targeting large muscle groups, reducing the effects of chronic muscle tension promoting a balanced and realigned body.

Slipstream Therapy

- A procedure using rubber cups to administer a Negative Pressure Release. Slipstream Cups work by generating a suction vacuum through a simple manipulation of the cup. Effecting both muscle and fascia, increasing flexibility, range of motion, blood and lymph flow.

 Sports Massage
- Using the basics of deep tissue principles and adding stretching and range of motion techniques, gives the body a sense of lengthening and broader movement.


- using the feet to stimulate organs and other systems of the body.

Helping people recover from automobile accidents, sports injuries, and workplace injuries. Help reverse injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits.
(Neck, Shoulder, Low Back, Sciatic issues etc.)

A massage makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Gift certificates available.

Massage Rates

1/2 HOUR $60.00
1 HOUR $120.00
1 1/2 HOURS $180.00

**$10.00 off your first massage, just mention this ad.** 

Martin Ibarra, LMT
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